When you arrive at YBBC, you will be greeted warmly by some of our members, who will be able to show you around the church and direct you to any of our Sunday School classes or nursery for your little ones as needed.  Please feel free to ask any questions of our members.  We want you to know that you are welcome and that we are encouraged by you taking the time to get to know our church!

We love to sing to our Lord;  the songs have been chosen to glorify God and encourage spiritual growth.  As members of YBBC, we take an offering to honor our Lord and give back what is His; but as a visitor, do not feel that you must participate unless you desire.

The preaching from God's Word is the main focus of our service, as God has designed preaching to convict the hearts of men and women;  we read solely from the King James Version of the Bible at YBBC.  If you do not own a Bible, please let one of our greeters know, and we would be honored to help you! 

At Yaquina Bay Baptist Church, we long to glorify God with everything we do.   We recognize that God desires for His people to be "set apart" for His work,  enabling us to be of service to you, and to be a shining light to the community around us of our Savior and His love.